December 16, 2009

Snowman Card

Hello all! Happy holidays!

Those who are close to me know I have a few favorite colors. My very favorite color is truly clear, followed closely by blue and fuschia. I incorporated all of these colors into my 2009 Christmas card.

I created the background for this card a few years ago and found it could be used for many different holiday themes, including Easter with colorful eggs in grass, fireworks in the air, or a wintery snowman.

This season I created a snowman card. I used the following products:
QK 4x4 snowman REV-0255-S
American Crafts glitter paper- white, light blue, black
American Crafts seaside paper- brown American Crafts foil- orange
American Crafts 12x12 page protectors
Straight edge cutter
2-3” of fiber

First I measured my page protector and cut into six pieces, each measuring 4 1/8” x 5 ½”. (I chose this measurement so I could use the L Letterpress A2 envelopes.)

Note: The black lines are drawn just to show the page protector markings. Do not try this at home!

I then measured the back of the page protector so I could cut the light blue glitter paper to size (should measure around 4 1/8” x 5 3/8”, though the seam will make it just a bit shorter)
(Optional) Write a greeting on the back of the blue sparkle paper.

Run the Xyron through your Epic tool, sparkle side up. Place adhesive on the inside back of the card. Rip an edge of white glitter paper in a line to use as the snow bank. This piece of paper will lie down on the top of the card for the snowman to sit on. Now place bits of paper on your snowman die cut for the orange nose, black hat, white body, and brown arm/hands. I used fiber for the snowman’s scarf. Xyron all the parts—finished side up. Xyron and place ripped snow bank on the top page of the card. Now cut exactly flushed with the edges. Cut a bit of black paper to place behind the body of the snowman and behind the snowman’s head.(This will feel in the holes and mimic coal. Place snowman body down on snow bank and finish assembling.

At this point you gave several options… -Use QuicKutz dies to add a sentiment -Write a sentiment on the front page with Copic markers -Use Exes white dots to mimic snow

In all my years as a class instructor, I’ve never seen a card receive as warm of a reception as this invisible card. I hope you enjoy this project, too!

Have a joyous and festive holiday season.
Your fellow QK Ambassador, Jason Jones

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