August 19, 2010

Fun with Stitching

Hi there, it's Pam from the Lifestyle Crafts design team to show you those new stitching dies from the Special Delivery Gift Set. If you haven’t seen these dies or the project samples up in the gallery, take a peek. These things are slick! They really add a new dimension to your projects, from little tags, to 12 x 12 layouts, they sure create a fun, new look! I’ve created a couple of samples and will show you an innovative way for you to use these new dies on layouts/paper sizes that don’t fit through your Epic.

First, gather your supplies (as usual). If you’re like me, what you think you’re going to use on your project changes as your creative process moves along. SO, what you see pictured here may be slightly different from what I actually used (i.e. color of my embroidery floss, paper, etc.) There’s my!

Once you’ve decided on a project, get moving. I decided to use one of the new card dies. First cut out your card, then use the new stitching dies to create the pattern on your card. Like most stitching projects, the pattern allows you to see where you will stitch on your project. On this sample, I used some removable tape to secure the die onto the tag to ensure the pattern effect ended up where I wanted it.

After you’ve rolled your die through the Epic, and your stitching pattern is imprinted, start stitching!

When you’re done stitching, simply add your details…

Voila! Suddenly you have a tag for a gift or a simple card for someone special.

I also wanted to use these new stitching dies on a layout, but I couldn’t fit the 8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12 paper through my Epic to imprint the pattern. Sure, I could have used a smaller strip of paper to imprint, but once I get an idea into my head (wanting the imprint directly onto the 12 x 12 paper), I’ll figure out a way to do it! I thought and thought some more, and eventually came up with this dandy little idea. I used a rolling pin to imprint! First, place the die under the paper where you would like the pattern…

Then use the rolling pin to create your imprint. It may take a little bit o’ muscle!

I would like to share that using your rolling pin on the stitching dies my also imprint the pattern onto your rolling pin. I only use my rolling pin once a year for those annual holiday sugar cookies. So I’m okay with my rolling pin getting the imprint too. (Yikes, another disclaimer!!)

Then, just like the card, complete your stitching and add your details! Easy as pie! (Yum, maybe that should be my next rolling pin project…)

I hope you eventually have a chance to use these fun, new stitching dies on your projects. I can’t decide which I like better--the swirly flourish or the circles! Either way, try out those dies and post some examples in the gallery for all to see! Have fun!