January 28, 2010

Super Bowl or Bust!

Super Bowl 44 is right around the corner....are you ready?? It's time to pull out your dies and put them to good use by making some football d├ęcor to get in the mood for the big game, or even for a “Super Scrap” party!

My son, hubby and I are all football fans and will have people over to watch the game. I thought it would be fun to make this banner in our entryway to direct our friends towards the snacks and the big game playing on t.v. At the moment, however, my son has confiscated the sign for his room....to 'keep it safe', he assures me!

I started this project by first pulling out all football themed or related dies, then narrowed them down to the following, along with fonts:

-University Grand Alphabet (what other alphabet could work better for a sports themed project?!)
-Football REV-0100
-Arrows REV-0003
-Banner REV-0155
-Grass REV-0183
-Chicken Noodle skinnimini 4x4 REV-0222
-License Plate 4x8 mini alphabet
-Banana Split 4x8 skinnimini alphabet
-Sticky Note 4x8 mini alphabet
-Santa's Workshop -- Wintergreen page and folder insert

Next I chose paper and cardstock and started cutting, arranging, rearranging, and rearranging some more. I added glue, ribbon and eyelets and viola!...a banner was born! I even opted to use the Wintergreen folder insert to give myself a pocket where I could store strips of paper containing Super Bowl trivia questions. What fun we'll have trying to figure out who knows the most trivia. (Though I'm sure it will be me!)

Once I finished the pocket, I didn't want to stop there. I used the football, picket fence border, nesting stars, nesting rectangles, QK Club tag and Diesel Grand Alphabet to make food labels for the snack table. I will put them into dips, snacks and other foods to let everyone know what's around to eat. These tags are also perfect to indicate if a salsa or dip is spicy, mild, etc.

To make the tags, I simply cut out my shapes and adhered them together. I then cut a dowel rod to size and adhered the shapes to the dowel. So easy!

I hope these ideas spark some of your own ideas, whether you’re using them for a Super Bowl party or a Super Scrap party. Pull out those dies, put your own twist on the idea, and have some fun!

Thanks to QuicKutz Design Team member Pam Gandolfi for this great idea!

Who are you routing for, the Saints or the Colts?