December 9, 2009

Ninth Day of QuicKutz Ornaments

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Reindeer REV-0257
Champagne REV-0203

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Reindeer REV-0256
Frame REV-0197
QuicKutz Dies Used:
Elephant REV-0118
Elf Hat KS-0384
Chicken Noodle REV-0222

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Garland RS-0588
Rolling Pin RS-0757
St. Patrick’s Day REV-0177
Nesting Circles CC-SHAPE-14-024
QuicKutz Dies Used:
Reindeer REV-0257
Banner – Heritage Die Set
Nesting Label CC-SHAPE-6-027
QuicKutz Dies Used:
Present REV-0065
Dog KS-0529
Pet Food RS-0530

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Barn REV-0216
Banner – Heritage Die Set
Journaling Block REV-0227
Circles KS-0472

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Moose KS-0357
Nesting Circles CC-SHAPE14-024
Chicken Noodle REV-0222
Stocking KS-0984

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Reindeer REV-0256
Paper Doll Alphabet
Moonlight 4X8 Alphabet
Reuse Gift Set
Nesting label CC-SHAPE-3-026

All of these darling ornaments are provided by one of our QuicKutz retailers, Beach Scrapbooks. Be sure to check out their blog! They have great out-of-the-box ideas for every time of year.


Tracey said...

These are fabulous! That first ornament is too funny!!

Heather said...

I got quite a chuckle out of these ones!!!! Fantastic ornaments!!!!

Diana N. said...

What a whimsical collection!

Andrea said...

So funny! I lol and can't wait to recreate the first one for some wine lovers in our fam!

Sue said...

Wow- these get better every day!

Cynthia B. said...

The Blitzen ornament and "Santa goes green" one are hilarious!! Great job on all of these.

Meenu said...

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