December 3, 2009

Third Day of QuicKutz Ornaments

QuicKutz Dies Used:

Teriyaki 4X8 Alphabet

Sparkles REV-0261

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Teriyaki Grand Unicase Alphabet

Enjoy Alphabet was one of our 2009 Spring Gift Set Alphabets. Because our gift sets are limited editions, it may be hard to find one of these Enjoy Alphabet Sets. Another great alternative is Rockstar Mini Complete Alphabet.

QuicKutz Dies Used:
Come back for four more ornament ideas tomorrow and be sure to check out of QuicKutz Advent Promotion by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Great ideas!

crackerjackgirl said...

These are adorable! Keep 'em coming! Love the inspiration!

Tracey said...

These are incredible! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Are you just using card stock paper...some look thicker...Looks great! Wils

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Yep, just cardstock. But...there's a few layers stacked together to make it look like chipboard :)

Anonymous said...

So darling!!! Did you use jump rings to attach the tiers of the Christmas tree? Can I scraplift this idea? I love it!

Beach Scrapbooks said...

Yes to the jump rings and YES to scraplifting :)

Heather said...

Fantastic ornaments!!!! I will have to give these a try!!!

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