February 12, 2010

Paper Weight

Like many of you, I tend to hoard dies. Surprisingly, I don't seem to use them for much more than my scrapbook layouts and cards. In my search for something new in which to use my dies, I came across this glass paperweight kit. I originally intended to find a great photo to place inside the paperweight, but then I decided to break out my dies and have some fun. My paperweight came from Hallmark, but you may be able to find them at other stores or websites (I found some at http://www.photoweights.com/). The kit I purchased from Hallmark came with the paperweight, a template, and a sticky back to keep it all together.

Now for the fun! I made a variety of inserts for my paperweight, which I will change with the seasons, holidays, or my mood. Here are a few examples:

The underside of the weight is recessed, so you can easily set your paper inside. Instead of using the sticky backing that came with the kit (I’ll want to change the scene from time to time), I used mini Glue Dots in the corners. (I just used them on three corners and everything seemed to stay in place just fine.)

I then used a sturdy piece of cardstock as my backing.

You should put one together yourself! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s also a great gift idea. Give the paperweight, along with a variety of inserts you’ve created, and you’re sure to please the receiver. Then again, you can also just keep it for yourself (like I did!)

Dies used:

"You are my sunshine"-Weather (Rev-0179) and Banana Split 4x8 alphabet
"My Lucky Charm"-Shamrock (RS-0798) and Miss Muffet 2x2 alphabet, Spider-(REV-0235)
"Fall"-Autumn Twigs (REV-0247) and Banana Split 4x8 alphabet
"Teach"-Schoolhouse (REV-0217) and Banana Split 4x8 alphabet
"Memories"-Trees (REV-0187)
"Flowers"-(REV-0016) and polka dots embossing folder (EF-A2-038)
"Be Merry" - Dragonfly 4x8 alphabet and Holly & Berry (KS-0979)
"Love"-Love ShortKutz

Michele Hamby

Thanks to our design team member Michele for this great idea! Be sure to check out her blog for more great ideas. You can also see the beautiful jewelry she sells on her etsy shop.


Sue said...

So cool Michelle! What a fun project and/or gift! Will probably 'need' to scraplift this from ya!


Susan Eastin said...

Thanks for including PhotoWeights.com as a resource for paperweight kits.

We've created a special discount code for your blog readers. Just enter 'quickutz' during checkout to receive 10% off your order of $20.00 or more.

aswann said...

I love it! I guess you could also do a mini scrapbook page with a tiny photo, too!

Guess what I'm doing right now? My son is napping, so I am working on decorating his baby wipes boxes!! Hmmmm.... I wonder where I got the idea from!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Idea for gifts! So many of my friends are in professional fields, This is great!

Deepa said...

That is a fabulous idea! I love changing things up to suit my mood or any upcoming holiday, and I have almost 1000 dies ... cough :)

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