March 22, 2010

Three Little Birdies

If you’ve stepped into a craft or home décor shop recently, you’ve probably noticed that birds and bird cages have become very popular. Our designers took this trend to the next level by showcasing our bird shape in a great new way inside of the bird cage! This bird die looks great on layouts and cards, but it can also be used as a fun décor piece.

The best part is that it’s so easy to create this look for your own home.

1. Find a bird cage you love.

2. For each bird, die cut the same shape four times. (We used shape REV-0144-S.)
Hint: In order for the shapes to line up, you will need to face the paper down toward the die on two die cuts, and facing up on the other two die cuts.

3. Glue two of your die cuts together, with the patterned side facing out. Do this again for the other set of die cuts. You will then have two birds.

4. Chalk the edges of each bird for definition.

5. Glue both birds together, with a ribbon or string affixed in the middle. Make sure not to glue the entire sides of the birds together. To make the bird three dimensional, you will only need to glue the bodies and head, leaving the wings separate.

6. Tie the other end of the ribbon to the top of the bird cage, which will allow the bird to hang inside the cage.

7. Duplicate this process for each additional bird.

Use the completed bird cage as an inexpensive house-warming gift, or just keep it for your own home to display during the spring!


Sue said...

What a beautiful idea! I'd even consider hanging them with a clear filament or basically a clear fishing line so the birds looks suspended in flight without the image of any string at all.

Gail said...

Lovely project! Thank you for the inspiration!

wig4usc said...

I love it! Please keep the new ideas coming!

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