April 13, 2010

CHA Release

Roll out the red carpet, and shine up those Epics, because the CHA release is finally here!

The new large-format Cookie Cutter dies in this release will help you to create projects that are not only cute—they’re functional, too.

For example, check out the new pennant shape. You can use this die to create fun home d├ęcor, or to celebrate a party or special occasion. One of our designers thought the pennant string would go perfectly in her nursery—a colorful overhanging piece that is safe to hang above a crib.

Stay tuned for more projects from our designers showcasing the CHA dies! To peruse or purchase the full CHA release, click here.


wig4usc said...

I love the pennant...I've been waiting and waiting...happy to see its here! Yea!!

Basketlady said...

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer here, but if you hang a banner above a crib, please be sure that you don't hang it with a length of cord/ribbon/string. A child could pull it down and become entangled in the length. You could hang it with glue dots or foam tape and hide the cuts in the ribbon behind the tabs of the banner.

Before my DD was a year old, she pulled a shelf down from above her crib. It was SCREWED into the wall! She is part monkey and had climbed up on the rail of the crib. Their abilities change so fast. Please be safe!

Ok, my speech is over. This is a great die and I can't wait to get mine. I'm thinking it will be perfect in a child's room or as a party banner. Such a great design!

Laura Stewart said...

this is so cute!

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