June 16, 2010

Addiction to Pennants

When I found out our product development team was creating a triangle pennant die, I knew immediately that die was going in my QuicKutz arsenal of products.

Of course, there are a ton of uses for this die besides just pennant banners. But for whatever reason, I've been hooked on making banners for just about anything! For instance, my roommate recently returned home from a trip to Europe. This greeted her in her room:

I'm planning to create a few more banners that will spell out something generic so I can use them time and time again.

Here are a few of the phrases I've thought of:

"You rock"
"Bon voyage!"
"We love you"

The more I've brainstormed, the more ridiculous the phrases have become...

"Don't be mad"
"Eat up!"
"You're my favorite"
"Will u marry me?"
"You're old"
"People really like you"
"Happy trails"

What would you say on your pennant banner? Buy one of your very own here.

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wig4usc said...

One of my string of pennants had all the Mario Kart characters that my son was obsessing with. I've made some that didn't say anything and still came out great! Another is using vintage postcards. One last thing, I used two of these larger pennants and made it into a card. For sayings, though, I made some cute Halloween versions with "B-O-O", "T-R-I-C-K O-R T-R-E-A-T", also really, cute!

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