August 19, 2009

impromptu party

Hey friends...welcome to the new QuicKutz blog! Today I wanted to share a quick and simple party idea. At the last minute I decided to throw a "school girl" party for my Krissy who will be starting Kindergarten later this week (boo hoo, sob, sob...). I am not sure I am ready to let go, but she sure is excited!!

I used my Silhouette to cut out her name from some patterned cardstock.  I also used the polygon tool to create the triangles for the flag pennant banner and for the decorative picks on the cupcakes...has anyone else noticed that EVERY post I have done on the QK blog includes food...?  Just proves that paper-crafting is truly a part of my everyday life...oh, and how much I love food! (Link here for a tutorial on the polygon tool.)

Okay, back to business...I used some tiny little glue dots to attach my triangle flags to some string to create my banner.  Next I used some glue dots to attach my smaller triangles to some toothpicks...and whalla...a party!  She was thrilled and it cost me pennies!

When our party was over we used the decorations to fancy-up her bedroom door...she's still feeling pretty special!

I love that at the very last  minute I can throw a fun party together.  Just proves that with the right tools you really can create anything...thank you QuicKutz!!  Now, here's to all those school kids out there! Go get 'em!


{t} said...

Lovely, truly looks like she could pose for Martha Stewart kids. In should send this into MS.

Good luck to Krissy. I teack Kindergarten and seeing you make school such a celebration is wonderful, thank you!


Chrissy's Creations said...

Super cute ideas!
Good luck Krissy, have a great school year.
Hugs, Christine

Samantha said...

Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! Why isn't Krissy still the little pudgy baby girl from our first design team retreat?! She's an adorable big girl now!

Anthonette said...

Such a great idea...celebrating school. She's completely adorable! Love what you created. Thanks for pointing out the polygon tutorial. I've never tried it out.

Erica Hettwer said...

Very cute!!! :D

QTKMST said...

Your daughter is so pretty and photogenic. Also I love how you transfer your decoration for the party to her room. So cute!!!!!

Houston said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure she'll treasure the memories for years!

Lisa Mala6 said...

Great ideas with fun too.
I'll have to try this in Nov. for my youngest.
She'll love its.

Anonymous said...


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