August 17, 2009

Our New Ambassadors!

We had such a great response to our Ambassador program we launched a few months ago. After going through over a thousand applications, hundreds of emails, many phone calls we have selected our new team!

Our current Ambassadors as of today are...

Jason Jones, TX
Houston Stapp,CO
Andrea Yokley,CA
Joyce McCall,OK
Tamara Warner,BC, Canada
Michelle Pluess,IL
Melinda Beltran,FL
Sandy Peplinski,MI

We will be expanding this program so if you think you will be a perfect fit for us please keep a eye out for a new contest.

Congrats to our top 8!


Sherri said...

I'm sure it will be an awesome program with all the enthusiasm the winners have. Jason is bubbling over with excitement :)
Sherri V.

Tracey said...

Congratulations to all of the winners!! :)

Cheryl said...


Marianne said...

Congratulations Ambassadors!

Vicki said...

Congrats Ambassadors!

Helen said...

Congratulations everyone.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Congratulations, everyone!

ms.espresso said...

Yay! Thrilled to see someone from BC make the cut- congrats to all!

sherRae said...

Congratulations Ambassadors!

Jennifer Priest said...


Sandi said...

Congratulations everyone! We can't wait to see the project you create to inspire us!

Monica said...

Hope to see links to the ambassadors blogs.... and also to the QK bloggers.

J.Jones said...






I never expected to be so honored.

I never expected to be chosen to be a QuicKutz Ambassador .

I was just so extremely honored to be able to apply for such a remarkable program as QuicKutz Ambassador. Had I ever fathomed such a great honor would have been bestowed on me, I would have had my acceptance speech QuicKut out of Zelda already.

Oh my.

Oh my, I don’t even know were to start. I suspect I should probably start with a few thank yous.

First and foremost I want to thank my lovely wife Kim Jones. Without her loving support , and allowing me to work at such a fabulous scrapbook store as With such amazing products like QuicKuts.

These products like this has truly inspired me through the years.

And second I need to thank none other than Sherri Vavra, With out my friend Sherri hiring me, and encouraging me to leave my ordinary job behind, and come to work at full time. I could possiblely still be in a lab evaluating chemical components. I half to say scrap booking is so much more fun than chemical engineering .

Next I must mention my QuicKutz Club base, some of whom have never missed a single opportunity of watching me demonstrate what QuicKuts can do for you. Again thank you to all my QuicKutz Club groupies . ( PS don’t forget the QuicKutz Club meeting is this Saturday at 3:30 pm at Remember When)

Oh my I am leaving so many out, and time is so short. I think there coming for my mike …

Uh ….

Uh …….

Oh yea! I must thank all my font friends.

I love you all but right now I can only think of is Zelda and Gazebo …. there are so many more of you …

Oh !!! And my go to girl Oatmeal. You are always so easy to dress up or down.

And thank you to the BIG DIES the borders. You keep me thinking, Your always So versatile, whether 12” or just a portion on a card, I could not have made it without all of you.

And lets not forget the little dies, you 2x2’s. Rocking Horse number KS~0320, you were the start of it all.

And last but not least I must thank my mother, Dorothy Jones who inspired me at a young age, who purchased my art supplies and never fussed or bickered at any sticker price, or marker price. Even if it meant going without popcorn at the movies. She supported my artistic passion 99% of the time. (Hey she says no one is perfect all the time.)

On that note I know I really must go. My time is up.

But I really cant leave without a shout out to my fur~babies Wolfie & Ivy, who have spent hours pulling scrap pieces of paper out of their fur. They are always so dedicated to stay by me when I scrap.

Thank you all again. I accept this great honor of being a QuicKutz Ambassador.

I look forward to working With the team members each and everyone to inspire your QuicKutz creativity.

GO GO GO QuicKutz….

Your dedicated QuicKutz Ambassador Jason J.

{t} said...

What an honour to be with this great group of 7! I will be the happy Canadian!

Kaylyn said...

WOW!! Wait to go Tam!! Congrats to all the others who are part of the team!

J.Jones said...

I am so excited I cant even sleep.
I lay down and thoughts of so many things QK run threw my head.

Tracy said...

congrats. I can't wait to see all that you do!

Emily Pitts said...

congrats to all! yay houston!

Brainybairn said...

Congrats to all the winners and thank you for such a great giveaway!

Karen Woods said...

I just subscribed to the Quickutz feed and I love all of the ideas that are on the blog. I am also excited to see that Joyce McCall is one of the Quickutz Ambassadors. She is such a talented individual. I cannot wait to see what is next!

Anonymous said...

Tamara is a wonderful/fantastic ambassador!!!
keep it up I always love her layouts!!

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