October 5, 2009

Holiday kick-off

Wow! I can't believe we are already in October! My how 2009 has passed. I know 2009 has brought about many changes for most of us on a personal and a professional level. Our company has gone through many changes and challenges, too. But things are looking better than ever, and we’re excited for the holiday season and the great items scheduled to arrive in our warehouse over the next couple of months.

Our new L Letterpress will be arriving. We have a whole slew of Epic Six tools coming into our warehouse. The 2009 Holiday Gift Sets will be announced at the beginning of November and I think you’ll find these will be the most versatile sets yet. Exclusive products for Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon roll into our warehouse, as well.

My family and I decided to kick off this holiday season by going to Disneyland and visiting Jack Skellington and his band of spooks. We had a great time visiting Mickey and friends and seeing the fun clash between Halloween and Christmas. We saw pumpkins with Christmas caps and skeletons with fun little gifts. It was truly enjoyable to be with my family and to de-stress a little.

Upon returning from our fun-filled week in Southern California, the stress soon returned as I looked at our photos and couldn't come up with good titles for our scrapbooking pages. For this reason I am coming to you—I need your help in assigning titles to our Disneyland photo layouts. Please look through these photos and let me know what you think. If I end up using one of your titles, a free QuicKutz die is coming your way! :)

Happy holidays,



Fifi said...

The title that jumped out at me was for the little girl with the tiara 'a dream is a wish your heart makes' because (if my memory serves) that's from cinderella and that's cinderella on her dress, but before I remembered it was from snow white I also thought 'one day my prince will come' I also thought 'tiggers like to hug' because tigger like to x I seem to remember too. Another favorite Disney song was 'everyone has a laughing place' which I thought suitable for the donald duck photo. But coming up with titles is not my strong suit so you've probably thought of all of these already.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Super cute photos!!!!!!

OK, I am going to give you my title ideas, too!!

First Photo: Or Was It Nap Time? (you kind of already have a title built into the photo)...

2nd: Tigger Plus 2!
3rd: If the Tiara Fits...
4th: Just Ducky!

OK! That was fun!! Again, Great photos!

Samantha T. said...

My parents are Disney-a-holics, I guess you could say it rubbed off on me a little. We love the World! Here are a few. Some I've even used in my own Disney Scrap Books:
1st pic: Cast of Characters or Let the Magic Begin
2nd pic: "The wonderful thing about Tiggers is, Tiggers are wonderful things." - Tigger, or a Tiggerific Time
3rd pic: Who's the fairest of them all? or, "A Dream is a Wish you Heart Makes." - Cindarella
4th Pic: "I won't grow up." (a quote from Peter Pan).

Txangel528 said...

I would personal do the title for the layout with all the pics on a two page layout. I would duplicate the top of the first photo.
Halloween Time! I would put it across the layout with the letters in the candy corn cut out on the silhouette!! That is what I would do! looks like yall had lots of fun.

Stacey said...

For the one of your little girl

"Be loyal, to the royal, within you"

Crystal said...

What adorable photos! I'll have to think a little harder on the other photos but for the one with Tigger in it
Tiggerific Threesome
Tiggerific X Three
Hoo hoo hoo hoo's hugging Tigger, or you, or who..(whichever you prefer)
It's Tigger Time

ChattieKathy said...

For the first photo:
"Disneyland-Halloween Style"

For the Tigger pic
"Tigger-ific Hugs"

For your adorable little girl:
"Princess of My Heart"

For the Donald Duck photo:
"We Have Duck-a-tude!"

Linda said...


DeniseB said...

#1 "WITCH way to Disneyland?"
#2 "The wonderful thing about Tiggers...."
#3 "Princess for a Day"
#4 "Who's the big duck in the middle?"
or, "Duck, Duck, Goose"

Shelley said...

1. Enchanted Disney Halloween
2. Tigger time! (or) Tigger Squeezes
3. If the Tiara fits... (or) Blue-Eye Princess
4. The Crazy Duckies (or) The Ducky Clan

LouiseC said...

Pretty photos!!!
1) I would write the title Halloween Time, put a line through Halloween and put "Nap" on top.

2) Tigger Embrace!
3) A Princess Coronation!
4) Happy Ducklings!

Or you could put all the photos on a 2 page spread and write:
Disney Halloween time = Great Family time

Anonymous said...

Randi writes...

Great Pixs...

1st: Disneyland in the Fall
2nd: We're Tigggerrrifffic!!!
3rd: Where dreams come true...
4th: You quack me up!!!

Sarah Jimenez said...

Ok....I don't have much time to think about it, but here's what I came up with:
1: Candy corn dreams
2: Tigger and my two!
3: Bippity-Boppity-BOO!
4: Having a Ducky time with Donald

Sarah Jimenez

Shena Adams said...

love the pictures.
1. Halloween time? Is family time.
2. One, Two, Three Tigger loves me.
3. You'll always be my little princess.
The picture of you little girl is so sweet. It reminds me of when I was running for a crown in high school. My mom gave me a rose that had a card with it and it said, you'll always be my princess.

4. Who's the bigger duck?

These are some great picture you have here and some wonderful time. Hope you enjoy making your layout.

Vicki said...

1) Candy Corn Fun
2) Tiggerific
3) Her Majesty
Fit for a Queen
4) Just Ducky

Anonymous said...

Every Little Girl is a Princess at Disney!

You, Me, & Tigger, too.

Halloween Time at Disney (cut out of candy corn paper or put letter on candy corn cutouts)

Kelly Braund said...

Ok, here goes :)

1. Halloween@Disney
2. Tigger Hugs
3. Princess in Training
4. Ohhh, Yeah!

beth said...

1. The not so Spookiest Place on Earth
2. Lovin' our Tigger Hugs
3. Move over Cinderella, there's a new princess in town
4. We make Donald look good!

Great pics, the kids aren't afraid of the characters--that's a plus and your little princess is adorable.

ana roat said...

Ok, here I go...
#1 This way to the loot..
#2 Dogs rule...
#3 1-800 how's my hair...
#4 Strike a pose...

Way too cute... and thanks for the chance!

craftmomdawn said...

2nd photo- a tiggerific time
3rd photo- use the wedding dress die from a few months back and turn it into a princess dress and use the title "pretty pretty princess" or "daddy's princess"
4th photo-"quacking up" or " a quacking good time"

colleenafowler said...

1st photo: Corny--but cute!
2nd photo: The wonderful thing about Tiggers is: Tiggers hug wonderful children!
4th photo: Duckin' down with Donald Duck!

Anonymous said...

Disney Sweetness
I Dig Tigg(er)!
Having a woddle fun!

We did Disney last year just after American Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations are also awesome!

Lisa Mala6 said...

1. A time for treats and fun!
2. T I GG er with 2 more
3. Dream A Little Dream!
4. A Quacking Good Time!

Great photos and looks like you had a great time.
We hope to take our kids this Christmas. FUN

Anita G said...

1. The most magical place for Halloween
2. Tiggers are especially good at hugs
3. "I always KNEW I am a Princess"
4. Quackin' Up

Anke said...

1. We made it to Disney, but ... fell asleep!
2. Tigger (too?) close
3. I love my crown!
4. We love Donald!

Anonymous said...

Only can think of
"TIGGER-PROOFED" for the 2nd pic.
cute looking boys ;)

Anonymous said...

So sorry ,should be cute looking kids.Blessings to your family.

Sandi said...


All Tucked into Tigger

I'm Cinderella Until I Take Off This Crown!

Gettin' Down With Donald

Tiffany said...

for the 2nd (Tigger) pic: Big Snuggle Puss

3rd: Woo hoo it's Princess Time

4th: 3 Laffy Taffy Ducks

Charlie said...

Cute photoes.
1: x, x, Happy and Sleepy (pick your own names from the 7 dwarfs. I only named the kids)
2: ... and Tigger makes 3
3: See Daddy I TOLD you I'm a princess...
4: Donald says: "NO NO NO Kirk - its crazy SHIRT and NO pants!"

Gee - being Danish I hope I translated these correct and don't end up offending anyone. =0)

Colleen O said...

1 - All of the Sweets!
2 - It's Tiggerific!
3 - I'm a princess too!
4 - Duck World

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